People who enjoys fine sounds. Khun Phongtorn Buranamanit of Casa Cliff Sur Mare is an avid music lover and a leading connoisseur of the audio arts. In his private house right beside Casa Cliff Sur Mare is a music chamber where all gadgets and equipment has been accumulated, collected and procured painstakingly throughout the years. Selected fine-pitch guests have visited and enjoyed this chamber and it’s instruments and Khun Phongtorn loves to share experiences with any who would enjoy an afternoon or evening of fine music.

Among the instruments and gadgets are the renowned EMT turntables, Western Electric Sound System Transformer, Western Electric Horn 15A, Goto loudspeakers, AKG-K1000 (Black box) Headphones, Telefunken Vacuum Tube 1914, etc. There is also an extensive and rare collection of Vinyl Records of various genres to caress the senses and fill the soul.

Welcome to the world of Audiophile.